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Linea Cadorna Trail Regulations

Art.1 – LINEA CADORNA TRAIL it is a non-agonistic self-supported amateur cycling event . There are no rankings. The route includes a distance of about 300km with a positive height gain of about 10,000 meters.


The departure is Saturday 19 May 2018 in Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (VA) at Lungo Lago Girardi.

The arrival is in Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (VA) at the Palestra di Roccia - Cinzanino bar

Art.2 – To the LINEA CADORNA TRAIL event can partecipate any cyclist at least 18 years old registered with a cycling company and in possession of the medical certificate in compliance with DM 18/02/1982 and/or l DM 28/02/1983 issued by a Sports Doctor for the practice of cycling. 

Art.3 - It is considered "FINISHER" who concludes the route CADORNA TRAIL following completely the track provided by the organization. The finisher will receive a certificate from

Art.4 – LINEA CADORNA TRAIL it is a cycling excursion to be carried out in water and food self-sufficiency. As such there are no checkpoints nor refreshment points or assistance points of any kind along the route, nor safety posts and / or rescue personnel. The route is not reported or monitored in any way. Each participant must be able to follow it only by following the GPS track provided. Being a test with high mileage and positive height gain, the participant must be adequately trained to withstand high physical and psycho-physical stress.

Art.5 – To register for the CADORNA TRAIL LINE, each participant must:

  • Complete the registration form at the address www.lineacadornatrail/registration .

  • Send the medical certificate to trailcadorna@gmail.com. If you do not have a valid medical certificate, this can be delivered on the day of the trail.

  • After verification of the above, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. Wait the confirmation email before sending the payment. In this email will be specified the bank information wher to deliver the payment. 

  • By filling out the registration form you accept unconditionally and in full the rules of Linea Cadorna Trail

  • Each participant before the start of the cycling excursion will have to sign in both the regular and the disclaimer of responsibility.

  • REGISTRATION FEE :  Registrations are accepted until the day of the event, 19 May 2018. Fee is 15€ that includes a mandatory personal insurance. Bank. 



Art.6 – If a member is unable to participate in the LINEA CADORNA TRAIL, the registration fee paid will NOT be reimbursed, it will be possible to replace a registered participant giving prior communication to the organization via email.

Art.7 – The organization reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The website www.lineacadornatrail.com and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cadorna.mtb.trail are the official organs of information of the event, therefore all official communications will be announced on the Facebook page and on the site.

Art.8 – Each participant must personally provide everything necessary for the completion of the CADORNA TRAIL cycling tour. The participants of the event are obliged to bring the following material with them:

  • GPS device with spare batteries

  • Mobile phone and power supply

  • Approved helmet to always wear

  • White front lights and red back

  • Wheel repair kit and inner tubes

  • Tent and / or sleeping bag and survival cloth

  • Clothing suitable for mountain tours with cold temperatures, windy rain and adverse weather conditions.

Art.9 –Each participant receives by e-mail, a few days before departure, the GPS track of the route with general directions of the itinerary. Exclusively with these tools the cyclist must be able to independently travel the entire route and arrive at the finish line. The route is not reported or monitored in any way

Art.10 – Each participant will have to provide for his own nutrition and hydration independently and will choose where and how to take shelter during the night.

Art.11 – Each participant will have to independently resolve any mechanical failures.


Art.12 – Each participant must consider himself free travel.

Art.13 – Each participant, being aware that the roads and paths traveled or crossed are not guarded by the organizers of the cycling excursion, a user must be considered accordingly of the roads and paths crossed with the obligation to respect all the rules set in the Code of the Road, as well as the rules of proper behavior in crossing paths, parks and agricultural properties and the scrupulous respect of the rules of the highway code and the IMBA rules listed at the web address http://www.imba-italia.org/ education / the-rules-of-path / #. WCL9y9LhCbh

Art.14 - Since this is an amateur test, the organizers can not in any case be held responsible for any accidents that may occur during the cycling excursion LINEA CADORNA TRAIL to people or things.

Art.15 – The Organizers and the organizing body of the CADORNA TRAIL LINE decline any responsibility towards those who decide to travel the routes even if they have maps or GPS tracks provided directly indirectly by the people and the organizing body.


Art.16 – Cyclists who leave the excursion must promptly notify the organization.

Art.17 – The event will take place in the presence of any weather condition that does not affect the safety and health of the participants but may be interrupted and canceled at the discretion of the organization. In case of adverse weather conditions, the organization can prepare an alternative route. If, due to force majeure, the event does not take place, the amount of participation will not be reimbursed or transferred to the following year. All the details will be announced on the internet or on site, during the days of the excursion.

Art.18 – Participation in the excursion presupposes full acceptance of this regulation and requires, however, a spirit of adaptation and tolerance as well as compliance with all the organization's directives.


Art.19 – Each participant is required to download and activate the APP "where are you" available for IOS and Android to receive help through the "112" in case of need or to use a service with equal functionality to their own deiscration.

Art.20 – The disclamer form is an integral part of these regulations

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